Fantasy demon Samurai Shintaro Oba Oni

Blood of the Oni

By C. L. Werner
Aug 19, 2020 · 8,089 words · 30 minutes

Photo by Leigh Kendell via Unsplash.

From the author: Shintaro Oba seeks the demon that haunts Mohgami, but when he arrives in the village he finds its inhabitants ready to execute a young woman for witchcraft. Can he prevail against both the oni and the local lord's samurai?

Blood of the Oni


C. L. Werner

A crisp autumn wind sent the golden rows of wheat swaying like a silent ocean groping for an unseen shore. Between the rich sea ripening for the harvest a track wound its course through the fields. Mile after mile, the traveller on the path could see only the road ahead and behind and the wall of stalks to either side.

There was a solemnity in such isolation that both appealed and repulsed the lone wanderer who followed the path. It gave him time to focus his...

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