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SciFaiKu — Bio Printing

By Wendy Van Camp
Aug 7, 2020 · 139 words · 1 minute

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Story art by geralt on Pixbaby.  

From the author: Four science fiction themed haiku poems inspired by the concept of Bio Printing.

Once in the realm of science fiction, 3D printing has taken on new meaning in the medical industry. One day, creating new organs to heal people might be only a digital recipe away. These poems center around the exciting possibilities of this technology.

mechanical actuators network
printed cradle supports my form
dawn on hypergravity world

Printed Bones
ceramic bonds to chemicals
implant dissolves as bone grows
scaffold heals astronaut

Heart Valve
dual-syringe prints hope
alginate, muscle, interstitial cells
valve motivates morning blood

Synthetic Skin
planetary war burns
soldier wounded in darkness
printer replaces layers

What is SciFaiku?
SciFaiku is a child of contemporary international haiku. A poem is 3 lines and contains about 17 syllables, but this is not rigid due to the subject matter. The topic is always science fiction. The poems strive for a directness of expression in its simplicity. Sometimes the poems are titled. Sometimes they are not.

This story originally appeared in Lit Up.

Wendy Van Camp

Wendy Van Camp is a poet and author of science fiction and fantasy.