The Long Hello
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Part II

By Curtis C. Chen
Aug 28, 2020 · 4,156 words · 16 minutes

Bioluminescent coral glow in the dark. The extra light they emit helps the algae to photosynthesise in low light in the depths, and so feed the coral polyps. Close up photo of the outer limestone structure of the coral colony, taken at Cairns Aquarium.

Photo by David Clode via Unsplash.

From the author: The exciting conclusion!

Alexis couldn’t speak. Not even to say something totally clichéd like “What is that thing?!” She just kept screaming, and pointed at the glowing shape that had appeared behind Bonny as soon as Alexis had taken off her helmet.

Bonny turned around, saw the bright pulsating blob, and jumped backwards, crashing into Alexis. Together they flattened themselves against the wall, as far away from the thing as they could in this small space.

The shape resolved into the image of a creature—displayed in...

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