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The Market of Magical Goods

By Daniel Ausema
Jul 31, 2020 · 110 words · 1 minute

Marrakech biggest market in Morocco. Jama el Fna traditional market and Marrakech city symbol

Photo by CALIN STAN via Unsplash.

From the author: Welcome to the Market of Magical Goods, a serial of brief, fabulist visions of wonder, each exactly 100 words long. A shopkeeper offers you a tincture to drip into your left eye. Will you take it?

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At the Gate to the Market of Wonders

Welcome, stranger! Before you enter, heed a warning. The Sect of the Moth is within. They waylay the uncertain, distracting you with wonders as they pick your pockets.

It is a wondrous market. See the baubles, scarves, ices. Smell the spices. See people, hear many languages. What interests you? Or who, perhaps? I can find what you desire.

Nothing? Alas. Perhaps another time.

Be cautious, then. If you find your pockets lighter, blame the Moth, not its humble servants who only do its will.

My pockets? Ah, I see you are an initiate as well. I bow to your superiority.

Daniel Ausema

Daniel Ausema writes lyrical tales of other worlds, stories of strangeness and wonder.

    July 31, 4:41pm

    Very enjoyable and your choice of words & phrases makes you almost believe that you were at the market yourself



    • danielausema
      August 1, 12:19am