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10 Civilization-Ending Calamities I've Caused (And One Is A Lie)

By Kurt Pankau
Jul 18, 2020 · 442 words · 2 minutes

In a fire without burning ...

Photo by BÜNYAMİN GÖRÜNMEZ via Unsplash.

From the author: When gods meme. This one will be free in my newsletter and un-paywalled here eventually.


Okay, I never do these things, but here goes. Let's see if you guys can spot the lie.

  1. In the dawn of Forna the people of Runalsia rose up against me. I handily quashed the revolt, and in spite of their pleas for mercy, in my wrath I smote out their sun.
  2. The river-folk of Tulanda did not pay me tribute after I conquered their lands. They mocked me, believing their river gods would protect them. So I boiled the river as they swam.
  3. Remember the Carrad-Horloth, who...
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