Horror Historical Historical horror "flash fiction" photography Gothic


By Patricia Flaherty Pagan
Jun 18, 2020 · 152 words · 1 minute


Story art by J. Lancaster and Sons.  

From the author: This historical horror piece about a strange photographer will flash in your memory.

With the advent of Mr. Lancaster’s improved folding Watch Camera in 1894, the lads' and lassies' brightness became easy to seize onto two and one half-inch plates. Enraptured by watching Marvelous Nex Mortalitas, our Magician, the taintless children sit open-mouthed for moments at time. No one sees me withdraw Lancaster’s beauty from my waistcoat pocket, open the gold lever silently, and rotate the button as the rabbit springs from Mortalitas’ top hat. In the turn of a screw, and pull of a...

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