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Top 5 Hunting Grounds This Summer Season!

By Jaymee Goh
Jun 15, 2020 · 472 words · 2 minutes

Stephaniesoejono huntinggrounds

Art by Stephani Soejono.  

From the author: A listicle for maneating mermaids. Idea proposed by Stephani Soejono.

The waters are warming, and the trenches are releasing us from work and school. Not sure where your family pod should go to hunt food this year? Come one, come all, sea people, and check out this list of the year's best destinations for hunting prey!

5. Air Terjun Syaitan
It's far inland and getting there can be steep, but that's what makes this spot the perfect place to hunt for humans! Every holiday season there will always be daredevil students who risk their lives knowing that they could dash their bones on the rocks below. Getting there is a fun challenge, as you have to take the underwater river system of Guning Palau. 

4. Terrace Resort
We don't usually recommend resorts, since they are often chock full of tourists from overseas who are coddled by their human embassies. However, Terrace Resort off Pulau Jejarum is extremely quiet and has a very lax police force that will not investigate every time a human disappears! This is perfect for honeymooners with minimal hunting experience who still want the option of a little excitement. Aesthetes will also love its white beaches stretching out under the moonlight. Bring a case of crayfish for added romance!

3. Naga Triangle
No hunting list is complete without the addition of this classic destination. It is not as dangerous as the humans say it is, but the combination of monsoon and tourist season keeps it unpredictable. Laze at the bottom of the sea as the tropical storms wend their way through the strait, or bring your favourite radio disrupters to pull down boats and airplanes! If you're lucky, you'll encounter old shipwrecks that have yet to be looted.

2. Kadita Rocks
The perfect place to bring the kids! The waters are shallow with lots of rocks to hang onto for the young ones to take shelter, but the winds blow hard enough to challenge their swimming power. Humans from all over the world enjoy navigating their yachts around the jagged rocks of this area. So if you want to raise a young cosmopolitan and teach them to sample humans of all continents and tastes, this is the educational experience of your holiday season!

1. Amazonia Construction Zone
The hottest new place for hunting this year! This 120-acre resort currently under construction features several man-made tunnel systems for their upcoming theme park, Amazon Seas, with workers coming in via illegal biplane every day! We've observed several industrial accidents--over a hundred in the last three months alone--so what's one human lost to our teeth, right? Experienced hunters will also enjoy the added thrill of evading their so-called patrol boats--don't worry, they're looking for their runaway workers, not us! The boys in uniform are especially tasty!

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Jaymee Goh

Jaymee Goh writes alternate histories and different worlds filled with social justice cotton candy.