The Whitechapel Demon
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Chapter 8

By Josh Reynolds
Jul 24, 2020 · 2,159 words · 8 minutes

Gold skull on black background

Photo by Luke Southern via Unsplash.

Bow, the East End, London

“So why’s it called Bow?” Gallowglass said as she squirmed back in her seat and cocked her legs up on the dashboard of the Crossley 20/25. The car was the same make and model used by the Flying Squad of the London Metropolitan Police, and it had carried them from one end of Britain to the other. It was a durable, dependable little auto. St. Cyprian looked at her as he guided the black auto around a lumbering double-decker bus with a double advertisement for a London...

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1 Comment
  • gmoring
    July 27, 12:06am

    I know I have said this before, but thanks for making your novel available again for all of us who missed it the first time.