Horror Armageddeon Hansel & Gretel Meets The Four Horsemen

A Pocketful of Pestilence

By H.L. Fullerton
May 12, 2020 · 1,866 words · 7 minutes

Photo by Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash.

From the author: When crops go bad, sometimes so do the townspeople. A brother and sister with an odd pedigree navigate familial expectations and small town scapegoating.

Hiram Miller took one look at the freckles on Dotty's face and refused to grind the Pucketts' wagonload of wheat. Otis Pucketts stood between his little sister and Miller. One bad harvest and people went batty. "What's wrong with our wheat?" Otis asked, knowing the answer was nothing. But if Miller didn't take their wheat, Otis would have to tell their father, and then...well, Otis didn't want to think about what might happen then. His stomach twisted remembering the last time crops failed.


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