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A Walk-On Part in the War

By Stephen Dedman
Apr 24, 2020 · 3,612 words · 14 minutes

Photo by Yusuf Dündar via Unsplash.

From the author: As the Trojan War grinds on with no clear hope of victory for either side, cunning Odysseus is sent to search for a new weapon.

Helen stared over the battlements at the Akhaean forces, and sighed. "You're a fool," she repeated. "Why did you have to kill him - and in an ambush, too? This will just make them more determined."

Paris bristled. "He was their strongest fighter -"

"He was a weakling, and our best hope. If you'd let him have the women he wanted, he'd have talked the Akhaeans into going back home. But no, you had to murder him, from behind cover, when he wasn't even armed. And why Akhilles? Why not Menelaus,...

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