Chapter 3

By Elinor Caiman Sands
Apr 24, 2020 · 1,358 words · 5 minutes

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From the author: "At first nothing changes out there in space. The Earth still tumbles far below, vivid, cobalt. The sun still glitters off the metallic surface of the scope. Now I'm no scientist but even I'm not immune to the moment. If this thing works it could change the world, discover wonders we can hardly imagine, new planets, new life."

By morning Mary has fixed our communication glitch. I hug her and praise her skills as soon as she's done and immediately contact Mission Control.

Kella is out of surgery and in the recovery phase, she's in intensive care but stable.

After a breakfast of sweet granola we rendezvous with the stricken Sagan telescope, the whole point of the mission. Pilot Benquayle brings us as close as he can. Then: "That's it, as near as I can get," he says.

Now it's down to me as the robot arm operator, it's...

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