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knick knack, knick knack

By Holly Lyn Walrath
May 4, 2020 · 669 words · 3 minutes

Knickknack adjusted smaller

Art by Mariko Kumano.  

From the author: Tree spirits watch over a young woman grieving from the loss of her mother.

When you were a child, white skulls used to follow you through the woods. You tried to catch a glimpse of them, but when you turned your head their skeleton bodies would disappear, fading into the canopy. Only their bone-voices remained, clacking through the trees, knick knack, knick knack.

And then how you ran! Not because you were scared, but because running made it easier to see them. With the trees blurring and the wind in your ears, they were like stars in a velvet-green sky, their...

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