Horror family drama starlings

The Culling

By Mary Rajotte
Mar 18, 2020 · 3,071 words · 12 minutes

The culling


From the author: After years of estrangement, Gemma’s brothers come home to visit Mama on her death bed. When the overbearing boys start throwing their weight around, Gemma bites her tongue. But when they threaten to sever ties to that which she holds dearest, Gemma finally gets through to them in a way they cannot ignore.

Mama used to tell me you don't always gotta shout to make your voice heard. She said sometimes, all it takes is a whisper, that even the quietest words can break a man.

Back when we was all kids, she used to sit on the steps murmuring to the chattering starlings that took roost in the old hayloft. I used to think she was just passing time waiting for Pa, in case he decided to come back. Now I know Mama forgot about Pa a long time ago.

She waited on them birds, like they her kin. One starling...

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