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Learning to write a mystery: Last End

By Caren Gussoff Sumption
Feb 20, 2020 · 1,880 words · 7 minutes

The Ringmaster

Photo by Mark Williams via Unsplash.

From the author: I'm writing this and you can, literally, watch. Will I fail? Maybe. Will it be ugly? Possibly. Will I be humbled and frustrated and punch-drunk confused? Most definitely.

2 Chapters


Updated Feb 20, 2020 · 400 words (2 minutes) · 24 views

What am I doing? Why am I in this handbasket? And why is it so hot?

Prologue & Chapter 1: We Passed Upon the Stair

Updated Feb 26, 2020 · 1,480 words (6 minutes)

Here we go. The start of the watch-along-as-I-flail-er-I-mean-learn mystery, Last End. Don't be shy. Jump in with questions and sad trombones.

Water skis in a cozy coffee shop