Fantasy magic cats

Cat Flowers

By Elizabeth Hopkinson
Feb 6, 2020 · 328 words · 2 minutes

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From the author: Did you know that cats can do magic? Mine can. A brief and magical story inspired by my cat, Sootica.

Did you know that cats can do magic? Mine can. When you see her sitting in a flower pot, she’s not just resting. Oh, no! She’s planting seeds. A very special, magical kind of seed, that grows at night under a full moon, when only cats are watching.

Here’s what she does. She chooses a sunny day, not too hot and not too windy. She climbs into her favourite flower pot, turns around three times and sits down. And as she sits, tiny sparks come out of her fur. Each spark becomes a seed, and each seed goes deep into the earth inside the pot. There she sits, until the warmth from her furry body brings the seeds to life. Then she slinks away and licks her paws, just as if she knew nothing about seeds or magic.

But when night-time comes and only cats are awake, the seed grows, ever so quickly, pushing up through the soil. It opens out its leaves, spiky as cat’s claws. Last of all, the flowers open. And what flowers!

Each one is the head of a cat, only ever so tiny. They open their green eyes and look around in the moonlight. And if you were to listen very closely, you would hear them mewing just like kittens.

One night, I looked out of my bedroom window and saw them, as plain as I see you. I thought to go for a closer look. But the next moment, what should come along but five black cats? They picked those flowers with their mouths, carrying them just as gently as if they were their own kittens. Away they ran, into the shadows, taking the flowers with them.

Where did they take them? I don’t know. Cats have their own secrets. But every time my cat sits in a flower pot, blinking in the sun, I know that she is dreaming up magic and planting seeds, so the moonlight cat flowers can grow.

This story originally appeared in Mslexia.

Elizabeth Hopkinson

Elizabeth Hopkinson, winner of the James White Award, writes fairy tales, fantasy and historical fiction. She reprints her short stories here.