Quixote Ugly
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Chapter 20

By Marie Vibbert
Oct 18, 2020 · 1,432 words · 6 minutes

I came up the city in the dark to get ready for whatever came my way. i realize many people come here to photograph and plan carefully for what they want to see. I had no prior knowledge of the Palouse and just traveled on gravel roads that looked good to me. this photograph was from the highway and i was moving to the next dirt road i could find. the sun came over the top of the mountains.

Photo by Michael Bourgault via Unsplash.

From the author: The Pastoral

I begrudgingly got down from the truck. All around us were tall weeds browned by the summer sun, the trees were prematurely bare in their narrow rows between fields, a dry brown crust clinging to their crowns.

Jack seemed to know the way. With the gravel crunching underfoot and silence around us, I could imagine we were in some post-apocalyptic movie. Hopefully one of the ones where the main cast survives, or at least one brown person does.

"The farmhouse is just ahead." Jack quickened his...

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