Quixote Ugly
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Chapter 2

By Marie Vibbert
Jan 27, 2020 · 3,184 words · 12 minutes

Photo by Justin Luebke via Unsplash.

From the author: Fire-starting Were-Beavers, Apparently

It was a cheerful fall day, the kind where it’s chilly enough to make the sun feel like a warm kiss. I congratulated myself on a good decision, ready to enjoy a long walk. As I headed for the road, Jasmine stopped by the back door. "Um... it's sort of far?"


"We should really drive."

Ugh what was with this girl and ruining all my moods? "This town is barely three miles across. It's all walking distance."

"It's outside of town, and the road doesn't have sidewalks. You shouldn't...

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