Science Fiction aliens space spaceships

We Don't Talk About Death

By KJ Kabza
Dec 27, 2019 · 5,513 words · 21 minutes

From the author: According to my mom, the only thing I've ever been good at is sitting around like an idiot, and she's 100% right. Whereas my co-pilot Allie O'Donovan--with her calibrated synesthetic schizophrenia, and her ability to fly spaceships through Ureality for faster-than-light travel--is interesting, and probably the sort of person who's good at everything. So how come when we fly missions together, she's the one who's afraid?

Allie goes to the door without even saying goodnight.

My toes clench inside my shoes. The medical assistant isn't finished typing up her assessment of me, so I have to sit there on the exam table and pretend like Allie leaving doesn't bother me at all.

The door slides open. Allie stops there, and because of the lights in the outer corridor, this nimbus glows around her springy red hair. She looks at me for a second. Any time now, she's going to invite me to come with her after one of our...

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