Fantasy Literary Fiction dreams

Night and Day

By KJ Kabza
Dec 19, 2019 · 4,770 words · 18 minutes

From the author: By day, he's Jonathan W. Pembroke, a successful securities lawyer. By night, he's Lokifur, and he always has the same dream: he wanders an island surrounding by floating stones on which lay sleeping people who never awaken. When a new being named Solifur appears in his nightly dream and changes it for the better, Jonathan's days change for the worse. But is tipping the balance so bad? Which mode of being is actually real--and which is more important? And what if they aren't the same thing?


It's Lokifur's turn. And it's always the same awakening. Whether he dreams of being alone in a Marriott hotel room, with a woman in his Back Bay apartment, or camping in the Adirondacks with his nephews, Lokifur awakens riding a floating block of granite through warm and perfect clouds. The stone sinks, the clouds clear, and his vessel docks at the top of a granite staircase.

Lokifur alights. Lokifur descends. Around him are a hundred other staircases with a hundred other floating...

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