Science Fiction cyberpunk cyborgs

Copyright 2113

By KJ Kabza
Nov 23, 2019 · 7,600 words · 28 minutes

From the author: Film critic Harry has mental modifications for enhanced memory--the ability to make perfect recordings of precious moments as he experiences them. But like all people with memory mods, his firmware deletes any memories of copyrighted media within 48 hours... until a hacker acquaintance installs an illegal tweak that lets him remember films indefinitely. Caught between the promise of an enriched inner life and his filmmaker wife's condemnation for his risky act, what should Harry do?

The cardinal sin with Dresden is taking whatever he does seriously, so at first, I didn't know what to make of his email.

From: Getzlaf, Dresden

To: Leeds, Harry

Subject: your itty-bitty digital brain bits

Harry (my dear little fish tart):

How I recall with fondness our halcyon college days of arguing about the directorial style of Emmy Jackson, on our rotting patio in Dorchester, beneath the broken porch light and cat-like screams of the on-duty hookers upstairs. You remember our epic...

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