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Cat Fight

By KJ Kabza
Sep 26, 2019 · 2,172 words · 8 minutes

From the author: Kyle isn't so good at listening to people--especially his grandmother, who he's stuck spending the summer with. So when she warns him to stay away from the abandoned house on the hill, Kyle takes his dog Shark and explores it immediately. And what he awakens there isn't so good at listening, either...

The scariest part of last summer was the part I spent at my grandmother's house. Maybe you have the kind of grandmother who makes cookies and takes you to the park, but I don't. I have the kind of grandmother that glares at you and says, "Look at you! Scrawny as a twig! And for Pete's sake wash your hands before you touch anything in my house!"

I didn't want to stay with my grandmother. I wanted to go to London with my parents, but they said kids weren't supposed to go on second honeymoons....

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