Science Fiction space opera heist adventure

Confidence Game

By Laurie Tom
Sep 16, 2019 · 6,396 words · 24 minutes

From the author: Daryl Yagami quit being a con man and established himself on a remote outpost as a stage magician so he could break free of his past. However, his past catches up with him and soon Daryl is forced to do another job, this time for the government, to steal captured alien technology from a deadly cartel. Fortunately for Daryl, there's a lot about stage magic that is useful for committing a heist.

Daryl grunted as he landed in his seat, courtesy of the security staff of the Dubai Outpost. They never were big on civilities here. Just business.

"Look, if I offended another set of aliens tonight, I'm sorry," he said. "I'm not trying to cause an interplanetary incident."

Not all aliens understood what stage magic was about. Last month the Pattarins had attended his show for a sampling of human culture. He ended up insulting them by defying the laws of physics. How was he supposed to know...

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