Science Fiction space flash fiction

The Harvest

By KJ Kabza
Aug 30, 2019 · 168 words · 1 minute

From the author: Surely, mining asteroids for ice can't be THAT hard. You just grab the closet icy rock and tow it in... right?

We should only take what they tell us--or so pompous Faheem declared. "Ice harvesting's a tricky business," he lectured, in my very awkward one-on-one orientation. "You've got to consider the orbits of all the bodies in Diaphana's rings before you act. Remove the wrong icebody, perturb the wrong sets of neighboring orbits and... well."

Well? I figured that Faheem was full of shit. He just likes bossing people--I know the type. And I don't take crap from nobody, so I say, "Next shift, let's...

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