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Autumn of the Greatest

By Alan Baxter
Aug 29, 2019 · 3,693 words · 14 minutes

walking back from work nomikai post-drunk i racked focus the completely wrong way and snapped a photo. somehow it is my most ‘successful’ shot.

Photo by Israel Sundseth via Unsplash.

From the author: An aging ex-supervillain laments the state of supervillainy in the modern world with his carer.

Autumn of the Greatest

by Alan Baxter

(Originally published in the anthology, Superpow! from Red Penny Papers, 2014)

“Can you believe this shit?”

“Mr Adams, please sit still. I need to trim these gnarly old nails and I don’t want to take off a toe!” Leticia smiled up at the old man. A genuine smile — she honestly liked him. His cantankerous nature was an integral part of his charm. Besides, he had pretty good reason to be grumpy. Eighty-nine years old and nearly time for lights out, and he...

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