Fantasy retelling dark Afterlife Greek myth hell


By KJ Kabza
Aug 23, 2019 · 2,403 words · 9 minutes

From the author: After a hard life spent suffering from other peoples' greed, Diana doesn't think an afterlife spent stuck on the banks of the River Acheron is so bad--until she realizes that even here, the greed and suffering goes on. What will Diana do, now that she has nothing left to lose?

The night my mother talked me into painting her dining room, I got mugged on the way home to my apartment. The attackers kicked me in the chest and broke my arm for the five bucks and expired credit card in my wallet, and I woke up in the hospital—racking up another bill that I'd never be able to pay.

When they finally let me out, nobody would pick me up, so I had to walk back home. Somewhere six blocks in I had trouble breathing; seven blocks in, near a pair of indifferent kids who sat on...

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