Fantasy dark fantasy undead

Hunters of the Dead

By Laurie Tom
Aug 19, 2019 · 6,107 words · 23 minutes

Dark forest

Photo by Krystian Piątek via Unsplash.

From the author: The mindless undead rise in the borderlands in the wake of the Ravaging a century ago. Bereft of the king's protection, the people of the borderlands now rely on hunters to protect their homes and help reclaim the land that was once safe for humans to live.

Jan read the simple markings carved into the hunter's post outside the tavern. They told him a dark pocket had been discovered three days' journey southwest, and a month ago a hunter answering the call had scratched their mark into the post.

Old news then. Someone was already hunting here. Jan would not stay long. He'd ask for supplies and a place to rest for a few days.

The tavern door opened with a weary creak. A small man stood at the entrance, squinting into the harsh morning light at the...

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