Fantasy Mystery Science Fiction science fantasy dark fungus sentient armor

Lorenza's Bones

By Rhiannon R-S
Jul 25, 2019 · 5,397 words · 20 minutes


Art by Eric J. Lee.  

From the author: Lorenza, stripped of her humanity by a deeply magical fungal forest, must confront the wild magic that changed her after a series of murders which match the way she died.

My name is Lorenza, and I have not been able to speak since the day I died. For a while, I imagined that my voice would return, that it would well up out of the ground and echo through my hollow armor.

It never did.

Instead I drifted, voiceless, rootless, from sunrise to sunrise inside my small apartment, unsure as to my own existence. I could no longer hear myself, no longer smell, no longer feel; how could I be sure I was here?

I still lived with Maria in the College then, which is why I...

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