Science Fiction aliens space opera space battle adventure Space Pirates

Between Earth and Exile

By Laurie Tom
Jul 22, 2019 · 9,076 words · 34 minutes

Ocean clouds seen from space

Photo by NASA via Unsplash.

From the author: As a teenager, Alexa fled an alien-occupied Earth for a scrappy future in space as an exile. Going home was not supposed to be an option, but six years later, she finds herself unable to let go. Now an adult, she hatches a plan to rescue the family she left behind.

We had captured the Alcaltan frigate a week ago. It should have been an easy job. We chose that moment for a reason. The ship was being towed for decommission and only had a skeleton crew for defense. But that hadn't mattered. They still killed Kellen.

Sometimes no amount of planning or preparation is enough. Most of us, had we lived anywhere else on Earth, would not have had the opportunity to escape on the Bloodborne. We understood how some things came down to a matter of luck.

But luck...

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