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Neighbors: A Definitive Odyssey

By KJ Kabza
Jul 18, 2019 · 7,502 words · 28 minutes

From the author: Joystick lives in Joy House, that big sprawling definition on pages 635 and 636 in the dictionary. When a new word--J/psi particle--moves in next door, Joystick is eager to make friends and introduce himself. But as Joystick learns, J/psi particles are fundamentally unstable, and his new friend doesn't have long to live. Can Joystick muster the powers of his other friends' definitions to find a way to forestall J/psi's death?

Joyride banged into the house. "Hurry—someone's moving in next door!"

I jumped up from my breakfast and nearly ran outside right then, but you shouldn't welcome someone without bringing something over, so I grabbed a Tupperware container from the fridge before charging out the door.

I stopped at the empty lot. The blank page shivered and darkened. A roof popped out of the ground, windows and walls rising beneath. In seconds, a brand-new house stood ready and waiting—maybe with someone already...

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