By the Light of the Moon
Chapter 8 of 12 · All · First · Last

Chapters 24-27

By Curtis C. Chen
Jul 18, 2019 · 4,589 words · 17 minutes

From the author: Valerie remains dubious. Smith rants. Changer talk. Christmas Eve, 1968.


The two Secret Service agents assigned to escort Barrows were Joe Pullman and Steve Varini. Joe was a bit taller and bulkier, with a crew cut and dark but friendly eyes. Steve was wiry, with sandy blond hair and sharp blue eyes that looked out from a perpetual and dangerous frown. They introduced themselves to Valerie as Smith explained that she’d be accompanying them. Barrows watched from his seat on the other side of the table, arms folded across his chest protectively.

Valerie had...

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