By the Light of the Moon
Chapter 6 of 12 · All · First · Last

Chapters 16-19

By Curtis C. Chen
Jul 18, 2019 · 3,541 words · 13 minutes

From the author: Frank sees the Moon. Bill has a problem. Mission Control has many problems. Jim has good news and bad news.


“How’re you doing, Frank?” Jim asked.

Frank grunted. It was all he could manage under the circumstances. They were less than a day into the flight, and he was feeling like shit. Literally.

He had had the first scheduled sleep period, eleven hours into the flight, but he couldn’t sleep. He had tried for about an hour. Then he’d taken a Seconal sleeping pill. That hadn’t helped either. At first he thought it was just the excitement, or worry, but everything had gone well so far. Nothing...

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