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As You Were, Aggie (Or: A Fortunate Time for Reflection)

By Rhiannon R-S
Jul 12, 2019 · 5,239 words · 20 minutes

Vintage Tennyson book

Photo by Nathan Anderson via Unsplash.

From the author: Lovecraft meets Wodehouse in this ever-so-slightly-inhuman wealthy layabout's attempts to both dodge his meddling aunt and employ a trustworthy valet.

Now, I know it’s out of style to have a gentleman’s personal gentleman lately, what with the rationing inside the Beacon Wall and the outside lands ravaged by grotty beasts and all, but as soon as Keets came around I knew I’d stumbled upon a true jewel of a person, the sort of level-headed managerial creature that comes about only with the millennial aligning of the stars or whatever celestial event it is poets discuss these days.

The day we met I’d spent the morning face-down on my...

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