Fantasy Horror Historical Lovecraftian Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Final Gift of Zhuge Liang

By Laurie Tom
Jul 8, 2019 · 5,175 words · 19 minutes

Photo by Jamie Street via Unsplash.

From the author: When the great general Zhuge Liang falls, it is up to Jiang Wei to lead the remainder of the Shu army to safety, but he does not fully understand the pact or the powers that his predecessor possessed.

Zhuge Liang was dead, and with him, Shu Han's greatest hope of a unified China. The prime minister's star trembled in the night sky instead of falling to earth with the death of the great sage. Zhuge Liang had promised that it would remain until the Shu army had withdrawn, so their enemies would not know of his passing.

But that was small comfort for Jiang Wei, who entered his mentor's tent to pack Zhuge Liang's possessions for travel back to the riverlands. Outside, Yang Yi marshaled the...

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