Featured July 5, 2019 Science Fiction dystopia nanotechnology BSFA nominee

The Lady Macbeth Blues

By Stephen Dedman
Jul 4, 2019 · 6,890 words · 26 minutes

Photo by wu yi via Unsplash.

From the editor:

As jobs are automated away, a rising tide of “traditional values” groups erodes the rights of women to hold jobs or leave marriages. But as they’re poised to cement their control with longevity-increasing nanotechnology, just one woman stands in their way. This BSFA Award-nominated story was originally published in Interzone.

Author Stephen Dedman has been publishing short stories and novels for more than twenty years. He’s been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award, and many more. Content warning: racism, misogyny.

From the author: After the Levin Act makes it illegal for married women to take any job that a man can do, is there anything technology can still do to improve women's lives? Nominated for the British Science Fiction Association Award.


by Stephen Dedman

Bianca was watching Crystal dissecting a rat, carefully wielding the scalpel so as not to nick the intestines; the reek of preserved dead animal was nauseating enough that four girls and two boys had already bailed out. It was the second week of semester, and not too late for the squeamish to transfer to another class. Bianca had decided to tough it out, despite having little love or talent for science. Biotech was one of the few growth industries...

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