Mystery Detective suspense crime


By Bradley N Harper
Jul 4, 2019 · 3,501 words · 13 minutes

From the author: A half-Cherokee plainclothes detective in Baltimore has twelve hours to find a woman kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, or admit that he has once again been defeated by his spiritual nemesis, Coyote.


“I know I’m not a good man, Lieutenant,” Rosco said. “But my wife, Alice, ha…had nothing to do with it. She shouldn’t pay for my mistakes.”

The man sitting across my desk was scared. Not top of the rollercoaster scared. No. He was Devil foreclosing on your soul terrified.

After twenty-five years on the force, first Homicide, now Plainclothes, I’ve learned that keeping the victim focused on details helps hold them together.

“When’d Alice go missing?” I asked.

“Last night.”


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