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Meeting Before Breakfast

By Lucy Gabriel
Jun 28, 2019 · 70 words · 1 minute

My cousin and I made pancakes for breakfast, so we figured since we had a camera, good lighting, fruit and a lot of syrup, we’d have a go at taking a photo like the professionals.

Photo by Luke Pennystan via Unsplash.

From the author: A poem for anyone who's missed breakfast. Originally published as C.L. Holland.

An early meeting is unappetising
like crumpets without butter.
I chew dry facts,
contemplating croissants.

A flow diagram suggests
mushrooms and scrambled eggs
lead to baked beans and bacon,
perhaps a pot of tea and kedgeree.

Boiled eggs and soldiers
march in the graph's neat lines.
Or pancakes, stacked and dripping
maple syrup, and--

Interrupted, I blink back.
My pen is still, spills ink
which soaks into the paper
like coffee on a clean tablecloth.

I see Marmite on porcelain,
smudges and crumbs,
and I am contemplating croissants

This story originally appeared in Every Day Poets.

Lucy Gabriel

Lucy Gabriel writes poems about, well, everything.