Fantasy fairies happy ending kidlit children’s fiction

The Hornets' Nest

By KJ Kabza
Jun 26, 2019 · 1,336 words · 5 minutes

From the author: Instead of hornets, the hornets' nest in the woods behind Angela's house has a tiny porch, tiny doors, and fairies smaller than bumblebees armed with tiny, stinger-sharp swords. Angela's father refuses to believe her and is planning to destroy the nest. What can Angela do?

Angela was exploring the woods when she found the hornets' nest. It hung from a low, thin branch of a dead tree. It was big, the size of a volleyball, and the color of a paper bag.

At first, Angela stopped walking and began to back away. But then she noticed something strange. The nest was covered with tiny glass windows the size of her pinky nail, framed by tinier shutters and windowsills.

Curious, Angela circled the nest. On the other side, she saw a front porch the size of her fist. At the...

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