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The Color of Sand

By KJ Kabza
Jun 20, 2019 · 6,973 words · 26 minutes

From the author: Exiled from town, Fairday is forced to raise her son, Catch, among the talking sand cats in the dunes and survive by selling the beautiful but mysterious stones that sometimes wash up on the beach. When Catch accidentally swallows one--and magically quadruples in size--Fairday must face her past to restore her son and rebuild her family in a way she never anticipated.

Where the sea, sand, and sky come together and kiss, there once lived a boy named Catch. He lived in a driftwood hut on the edge of the dunes with his mother, so far from the village that they had no neighbors, save for a sandcat.

The sandcat lived in a hole ten feet away, and had not been happy when Catch's mother had first come there, shamefaced with her baby clutched to her chest, resigned to living in such a place alone. But although the sandcat had said, "I am Bone. This is my dune. You...

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