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Fantasy Mystery medieval fantasy music in fantasy opera in fantasy

Sing to Me of Love and Shadows

By Deborah J. Ross
Jan 20, 2020 · 5,694 words · 21 minutes

Old scottish castle on small island on a lake at dusk

Photo by Arnaud Mariat via Unsplash.

From the author: In this medieval murder mystery, a chanteuse traces the history of opera to solve the crime.

On a honey-scented spring morning, the young widow Solange sat spinning the wool from her own sheep and patiently repeating the melody of her newest song while Gaétan the minstrel struggled to set chords to it. The sun cast a narrow strip of shadow from her house, one of a half-circle that made up the tiny village. A breeze carried the mingled smells of hot earth, leeks, and thyme. A short distance beyond lay the manor house of Val-Joli, whose ancient, battered stones had been pried from the...

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