Series: Ongoing Science Fiction climate change dystopia Set in future Western Australia social science fiction

Last Lesson

By Alex Isle
Jun 6, 2019 · 20,767 words · 76 minutes



From the author: This story is set in a world of extreme climate change, in a city now abandoned due to extreme climate change and known as the Nightside by those who chose to stay there anyway without the support of civilisation. Ellen, a school teacher, knows she should have seen the crunch coming but let herself deny it anyway. Now she needs to decide her unexpected future. This is a Work in Progress, not part of the four stories already published in Nightsiders .

3 Chapters

Chapter 1

Updated Jun 6, 2019 · 5,228 words (20 minutes) · 2 likes · 68 views

Chapter 2

Updated Jun 22, 2019 · 7,669 words (28 minutes) · 2 likes · 57 views

Events move on for Ellen, while elsewhere a travelling doctor comes into the city with his mule to fulfil a promise made to his god-daughter, also a doctor in a hospital now in the throes of the Evacuation.


Chapter 3

Updated Jun 30, 2019 · 7,870 words (29 minutes) · 41 views

  • leece
    June 6, 12:52pm

    Oh! That was gripping and I'm.

  • leece
    June 6, 12:53pm

    I'm scrabbling at the screen wanting to know what happens next...

  • Alex Isle
    June 6, 3:12pm

    There is some more which I'll get to organise hopefully on the weekend, but I warn you, the thing isn't finished. I do say it's a WIP.... :-)

  • leece
    June 7, 12:55am

    Tantalising but I'm game!