Fantasy Humor Halloween fable

Mask of the Monster

By Stephen R. Stanley
Jun 5, 2019 · 951 words · 4 minutes

From the author: Everyone should be careful what they wish for, even Boogeymen.

From me hidey-hole me peeked squinty-eyed at the tasty wee bloodbags as they scurried about dressed in holiday finery. Me tusk banged on the damp stone wall when me tried to get a better peek through the cracks. Smacking me slippery lips, me wished for a chance to snap up a few of them human pups. Oh, such a display of fresh food, stuffed full of sugar and wiggly excitement. Me wiped me slimy mouth on the back of me hairy arm, then thumped the stone wall and wailed a moan of hunger.

Me would...

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