Thicker Than Water
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Chapter 4 - Keeping Secrets

By Mary Rajotte
Mar 18, 2020 · 2,611 words · 10 minutes

From the author: As Keagan tries to settle into her room at the MacDoyle house, she receives a phone call from her sister that awakens memories of a tormented past and threatens to expose her own family's eccentric history

Keagan stood at the window in the loft of the MacDoyle house. Below her, Duncan sat on the porch and stared into the blackness beyond the house like he was trying to find something he'd lost a long time ago. Seeing him alone out there made Keagan's throat tighten. It was a snapshot of how life would be if they weren't able to fix things between them. Him without her. Her only able to look at him but not touch. They'd tried back home, but the city was too chaotic and cluttered and too in the...

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