Thicker Than Water
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Chapter 2 - The MPS Meets

By Mary Rajotte
Mar 18, 2020 · 5,220 words · 19 minutes

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From the author: The Millbrook Preservation Society meets to discuss the effect Duncan's return has on the future of the town. When support starts to waver for Lachlan's ideals, Connor sees an opening that he believes he can use to his advantage.

With the kick-off to Mill Days finished, Connor MacDoyle said his goodbyes to the school kids from Creighton Elementary. He waved them off and watched them pile into their bus for the drive back to their school the next town over. He didn't envy that teacher, and it wasn't exactly the highlight of his day, but the ceremony was tradition, even if it made the current version more palatable than the ones that the town held in days gone by.

He was one of many residents who thought Millbrook...

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