Heart of Brass
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Chapter 3 of 4: The End of the Hall (or, Jameson’s Cage)

By KJ Kabza
May 21, 2019 · 3,284 words · 12 minutes

From the author: Duke Gallantine's suspicious watch has kept his daughter out of The Chastarium, but not out of Dr. Dashiell's fantasies. When Lady Gallantine finally slips away from her father and arrives at The Chastarium for a secret midnight treatment, Dr. Dashiell seizes the chance to show her his most exclusive Machine of all. (Warning: erotica.)

[CONTENT WARNING: This story is erotica and contains explicit sexual situations.]

One day passed without the Lady Gallantine calling. And another. And several, several more.

Each night, as The Chastarium settled into sleep around him, Dashiell’s spirits ebbed a little further. The evening routine remained unchanged: the assistants took their satchels and exited, chatting in pairs; the doctors retreated into their offices for a final hour of clerical work; the Machinists came up from below,...

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