Heart of Brass
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Chapter 2 of 4: An Unwelcome Interruption (or, The Ouroboros)

By KJ Kabza
May 17, 2019 · 3,194 words · 12 minutes

From the author: Lady Gallantine's first treatment in Dr. Dashiell's Chastarium has unleashed the full force of her passion, and she rushes to return the very next day. Dr. Dashiell, unable to stop himself from pushing the limits of her resilience, selects for her treatment a Machine too powerful for most. When Lady Gallantine's father suddenly arrives, asking questions about his missing daughter, will Dr. Dashiell be able to tear himself away and throw the Duke off the scent? (Warning: erotica.)

[CONTENT WARNING: This story is erotica and contains explicit sexual situations.]

Dashiell did not know how Lady Gallantine covered her tracks in regards to her unvisited cousin, or how precisely a woman of her standing could slip away from her household so wholly unnoticed. He only knew that his night was filled with fervid, lascivious dreams, and that little in the way of clerical work got done the next morning before the Lady arrived at 9 o’clock sharp.

When the doorbell rang, Dashiell was...

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