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Fantasy refugees Women war

Three Pieces of Gold, Three Pieces of Silver

By Maria Haskins
May 10, 2019 · 2,859 words · 11 minutes



From the author: War is approaching and a woman flees her home with her three daughters. She carries three pieces of gold and three pieces of silver with her, and a heavy secret.

(Note added for World Refugee Day:Since this story was written with the plight of refugees very much on my mind, I'm sharing this story as a public post for the next little while. If you can, donate to an organization that helps refugees, like Raices or UNHCR.)

The day Alma hears that the War has devoured her husband, she knows it's past time to leave the village. In all her lifetimes, she has never stayed this long in one place, and she hopes it's not too late to make it safely to the coast...

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