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Apr 25, 2019 · 345 words · 2 minutes

Love in the mountains

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From the author: How "Defeated" came to be: a story about collaboration

Today, I'm publishing the original story "Defeated" here on Curious Fictions to commemorate a number of milestones in my writing life.

First, you'll notice that the story has a different byline than my usual moniker. That's because it was a collaboration with my wife, which we undertook on our first trip to the Rainforest Writers Village in 2011. She was still thinking she might also be into fiction writing at that point (she's since decided against it), and it was the most collaborative writing I had done to date--we broke the story together, then traded the document back and forth as we each wrote new scenes and revised existing text. Now, I can't rightly remember exactly which bits each of us came up with.

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last month, so it seemed appropriate to revisit this story. We've been partners in pretty much all aspects of our life together, and figuring out how to make that work has been a wonderful journey.

Speaking of collaboration, I've now had the great privilege of working with an awesome team of writers to create a long-form story, and I'm going to get to do it again! Dr. Malka Older created Ninth Step Station for Serial Box, recruited Fran Wilde and J Koyanagi and me to write with her, and the first ten episodes did so well that we've been renewed for a second season. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the room with everyone and continuing the adventures of Miyako and Emma and company.

Meanwhile, "Defeated" also features two law enforcement officers dealing with something strange on the job, and I hope you enjoy it!

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