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Scene from Streets Of Laredo

By Jude-Marie Green
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Wind Turbines Paved Roads

Photo by Andrea Boldizsar via Unsplash.

From the author: My characters Jane Smith and Donna Quick were introduced in the short story, GLORIOUS MADNESS. They have unlimited potential as buddy adventurers and continuing the Don Quixote pastiche through all the chapters.

Donna Quick screeched to a halt. Rosinante's used metal frame shuddered as she leapt from the motorcycle. She pulled her sword even as I halted my own rice-burner behind her lankier bike.

I dug into my saddlebags for an orange. I'd studded the fruit with cloves garnered from Madame Quesada's pantry and put a strong curse on the orange to detonate when thrown at enemies. I crouched by my bike and stared around.

Donna screamed out and charged at a stand of trees across the road. I raised the orange, ready to toss it, but I couldn't see an enemy. Donna slashed at the tall flowers growing at the wood roots. Aha! I felt for some magical vibration, the celestial chime that would indicate we'd stumbled into a magician's trap. Nothing. No one was there.

Donna screamed again and attacked a tree trunk and then turned to fight the empty air.

I leaned against my bike saddle. She fought magnificently -- she always does -- against nothing at all. Her body twisted and leapt and her sword...


Jude-Marie Green

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