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By Gary Gibson
7,935 words · 29-minute reading time

‘Congratulations,’ said Chase, when Joel showed him the letter. ‘Looks like you’ve got your first stalker.’

‘Let me see.’ Phil yanked the letter out of Chase’s hand. ‘And she says she lives in Scienceville?’ He darted a look at Joel. ‘Oh man. Even I don’t get ones that crazy.’

‘Asshole.’ Joel snatched the letter back. ‘She doesn’t say she lives there.'

A look passed between the two other men. ‘No, just that she used to,’ said Chase.

‘Which isn’t at all weird,’ said Phil, ‘what with Scienceville not actually existing and all.’

Over on the far side of the teacher’s lounge Janice Glynn, who taught art, gave them a leery eye from above a chipped mug reading World’s Best Cat Mom.

Joel’s face reddened.

‘Ignore Miss Havisham,’ said Phil, dropping his voice. ‘Please tell me you’re not actually going to write back to her.’

Joel forced a laugh. ‘Not a chance. She’s obviously crazy. Anyone who’d write a letter like that has to be.’

‘Assuming it’s really a she,’ said Chase.

Phil snapped his...

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Gary Gibson is the author of ten novels for Tor UK, including Stealing Light, Final Days and Extinction Game. For more information, go to

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