Fantasy Satire Romance happy ending Love secondary world fantasy

The Greatest Prophecy of All

By KJ Kabza
Mar 27, 2019 · 1,869 words · 7 minutes

From the author: At some point in their quest, every hero visits the Cave of the All-Seeing Oracle to hear a prophecy, learn their heroic destiny, and continue on their preordained journey. Nullia, the Oracle’s apprentice, is tired of watching everyone else’s story go by and never getting a chance to live her own. But then the hero Hishmed arrives.

He came up the mountain like a drunken spider—another farm boy on a quest, some enchanted blade swinging from his hip and banging against the rocks as he climbed. I watched him from Far Sight Rock and sighed. The farm boys were all the same: evil king, murdered father figure, sacred errand, mentor who dies. Hearts of gold and flawless moral compasses. Clumsy charm and hopeless optimism, with eyes I could always get lost in.

And taste in women that never included me.

I went inside the cave and...

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